Before the Leap – Liz Isaacson

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


Title – Before the Leap
Author – Liz Isaacson
Series – Gold Valley Romance
Genre – Romance
Publication Date – December 31st 2016
Rating – 4 Stars
Recommended – Yes!

This book is written in both Jace and Belle’s POV. This is a real bonus for me. I love to read both characters POV because it makes you connect to both the story and characters better. I always think that a book told from both characters means that you can empathize and understand why they do things.

Jace hasn’t a great experience when it comes to love to say the least. After being left at the alter on his wedding day, Jace’s view on love is definitely a bit bitter but when you hear his feeling on his brothers relationships etc you realize it’s mainly because hes so lonely but refuses to put himself into a position where he could be hurt again.

Belle is back in her home town after a bad break up and loosing her job. Shes now trying to make a name for herself. She managed to score herself a job renovating the ranch where Jace is foreman. Jace and Belle have known each other all their lives, they love to wind each other up but now that they meet again, there seem to an undeniable chemistry between them that was never there before.

Will Jace learn to forgive the past and love again? Will Belle be patient enough to allow him that time?

This book was beautiful, a real story about two characters who are trying to repair their lives and move on.


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