Fighting Attraction – Sarah Castille

I was lucky enough to recieve an early copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

4.5 Stars****

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Fighting Attraction is one of those books that once you pick it up, its almost impossible to put down.

Penny is all pearls, kitten heels and floral. Everyone think that she is some perfect little angel that has her life in order however, below all this is a broken soul. Penny believes she worthless, that shes useless. Her whole life people have put her down and made her feel like nothing more than a piece of dirt. After a move to the states, Penny joins a gym where she meets Jack or as he’s better known, “Rampage”.

Rampage; everyone loves him, everyone wants to be his friend, his fans want to have his babies. Hes an all round good guy, but he holds a secret. Twice a week he’s known as “Master Jack”, an extreme Sadist. At the club, he’s known as one of the most ruthless Doms, only taking on the most disciplined submissives. Jack has always been deeply drawn to Penny, however he keeps his distance knowing that he can never be what she needs him to be. He believes that nobody can love a sadist like him and that he will loose his career if his closely guarded secret was to ever get out.

After the legal firm that Penny works for sends her to give legal papers to the clubs owner to say that the landlord wants to break their lease, Penny discovers Jack in all his glory during a scene at the club. Instead of being disgusted like Jack think she will be, Penny finds that she is deeply drawn to the lifestyle, believing that this may be the answer to all her needs rather than providing herself with pain. However, Jack will do anything to keep Penny away from his lifestyle

Can two broken soles find what they are looking for, in places they never expected to find it?

i love this book. It was easy to read, the story was developed well, the characters draw you in capture you’re attention, the plot was delivered well. It was just overall a really good book.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but after this she is definitely in my list of author the look out for



Fighter – Carol Lynne

Thanks to NetGalley, I was given a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

5 Stars*****

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First off, I have to say that I adored this book. It’s a book that really pulled on my heartstrings, the story was beautifully written and I must admit that i shed a tear or two along the way.

Lucky at the beginning of this book is 8 years old, his mother is a meth addict and abusive meaning that Lucky must look after himself. Lucky being so hungry is forced to raid dumpsters at night to try and find enough food for him to survive. He comes across The Brick Yard, a gym that trains fighters and at night he would look through the window at the men training and vowed to himself that one day he would become a fighter just like them. At 10 years old Lucky is still out trying to find enough food to feed himself, which is becoming increasingly difficult as the restaurant owners have become aware of him and try to chase him off. As he is staring through the dirty window of the gym one snowy night, Brick, the owner of the gym comes out and asks him if he wants to come in and get warm. Brick offers Lucky a job cleaning and washing the towels for a small wage, which he jumps at the chance to make some money to feed himself.

Dray is young up and coming fighter, he has made his way to the big leagues and is finally making good money from his fights and his sponsors which he extremely happy about after having a bad child hood. Dray was taken in by Brick when he was younger and has trained as a fighter since. However, Dray is betrayed and outed by his long term boyfriend Vince, and quickly his upcoming career is shattered and he chooses to leave Chicago.

Dray follows Lucky’s career closely in the years he is gone, however never returns because he doesn’t want to taint Lucky’s career. Brick becomes ill, meaning that Dray comes back to The Brick Yard and back to Lucky.

Lucky is extremely fragile, still stuck in the past that hes a “bad boy” and deserves to be punished, but with Dray and their newfound romance to help him through can Lucky get out of the past and start seeing a future?

I loved Dray’s character. He was from the outside you’re typical bad boy, covered in tattoos fighter but inside he had a heart of gold. His character was extremely nurturing, fighting for Lucky and bringing the broken man back in to the light again. Lucky’s story was heartbreaking! he’s deeply emotionally scarred from his childhood and he doesn’t understand that Dray or anybody else could truly love him. These characters together are truly something beautiful.

Dray and Lucky stay by Bricks side until the very end, and with his legacy to lead them they create a future which means children like them will always have somewhere to go.

This story overall touched my heart, it made me smile, it made me cry but most of all it gives you hope. That people like Dray, Lucky and Brick really are out there making a difference. This story touches on some really serious issues. It deals with physical, emotional and mental abuse, LGBT issues, death and grieving.

Id recommend everyone give this book a shot, but be warmed. It an emotional roller coaster, but one that is extremely worth the read.

Take Me Back – Rosalind James

I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review – 5 Stars*****


I absolutely loved this book! It was the perfect mystery romance book. It kept you guessing right till the end, the connection between the character’s was perfect and realistic, the character development was great. I sometimes feel with mystery romances that you either get too much romance or too much mystery but this book was a brilliant blend of both, meaning both elements were right at the forefront the whole way through.

This book starts out with the murder of Henry Cavanaugh, a horrible, disliked man. But who is the killer? The way that Rosalind James wrote this book is clever. She introduces characters, give their background and history with Henry and what their motive for killing him would be, meaning the suspense right until the end was brilliant.

Jim Lawson, alpha male, gorgeous and the town’s sheriff is one of the sheriff’s on the case, while they investigate they must inform Henry’s only daughter and Jim’s childhood love that her father is dead.

Hallie Cavanaugh is the complete opposite to her father, kind hearted, charitable and overall people pleaser. Hallie comes back to the town of Paradise to hear the reading of her father’s will, but she thought he had disowned her so was not expecting anything. The reading of the will is full of surprises, a surprise brother for Hallie, an unhappy uncle, an angry aunt, and a sudden millionaire teenager. So many emotions, and so many suspects.

In order for Hallie to receive her inheritance she must remain living in her father’s house, and not have a sexual relationship with Jim for those 6 months.

But with threats becoming more and more serious, the relationship between Jim and Hallie blossoms.

This book will grab you from the beginning, it’ll keep you guessing until the end and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The Wingman – Natasha Anders

I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 4 stars****

This is the first time I’ve ever read a novel by this author, and it was the perfect introduction to her writing! I love this book, the whole just lifted my spirits.

Mason meets his brother Spencer at a bar where he’s requested to distract a girl so that Spencer could have time to talk to her sister that he’s always had a thing for. Daisy, the sister that Mason is told to distract is shy, having had her confidence beaten down by other people her whole life. Daisy is known as the “other” sister, always taking a back seat to her sisters Daffodil and Dahlia. Also known as the “pretty” and “cute” sisters.

After Daisy agrees to go to dinner with Mason, not being able to. Believe her luck that he would be interested in her she overhears a conversation between Mason and Spencer and realises that he was only using her.

Refusing to have her heart broken again, she uses the situation to her advantage and convinces Mason to be her date for her sisters wedding so wouldn’t have to deal with her families usual comments towards her.

Mason didn’t feel right about the way people were treating Daisy and decides to help her. Mason falls for her after realising that behind the shy, broken down girl is a feisty women with a massive heart of gold.

Daisy’s lack of relationships, her lack of confidence and General insecurities could mean she fails to recognize what right in front of her.

This book overall was a super read, it was quick paced, well thought out and captured your heart right from the beginning.

For Finlay – J.Nathan

I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review – 3.5 Stars***


To me, For Finlay was an ok read. I did enjoy it and I finished the book quickly but not much about the book reached out an grabbed me. Yes, the story was sad in parts and the character’s were developed in a way that made you connect to them but saying all that there was just something about the book that I have reservations about.

This book is a college romance between Finlay and Caden. Finlay lost her twin brother Cole suddenly 2 years ago and has never been the same since. Cole’s football coach provides an opportunity for her to start living again, even if she is living out her brothers dream and not hers. This is where she has to come face to face with her brother’s football replacement,Caden Brooks.

Finlay despises Caden and wants nothing to do with him, but somehow they keep ending up at the same place at the same time and over time they develop feelings for each other.

Finlay is keeping secrets though and Caden has a girlfriend.

Overall I’m glad I read this book, I just feel there was something missing to it. It was worth the read though.

Give it a go, it could be the perfect read for you

January (Calendar Girls) – Audrey Carlan

3 Stars***

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I am in mixed thoughts on this books, though I really enjoyed it and plan to straight away read the remaining books in the series, there was something about this book that didn’t quite sit right with me. Although I’m still not sure what that is.

I feel it may be because most of the story seems so unrealistic, the back story was so rushed and didn’t really make any sense. It provides an unrealistic view into the life of an escort. The character’s weren’t developed as well as I feel they could have been considering the character’s individually had so much potential.

This book however did demonstrate some good writing, I enjoyed the way the author played out the story leaving it open for many different scenarios in the following books, the story was easy to follow, it was quite light hearted considering the serious situation Mia was in and the connection between the two main characters was beautiful (although seemed to happen a bit fast) I would have been interested to see things from Wes’s perspective, but that is personal preference.

Overall, a pretty good read. I’m intrigued to see how my review changes throughout the follow up books.

It Started With Goodbye – Christina June

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book for an honest review.
4 stars ****


What I liked about this book personally was it is different from what I normally read. This book is so refreshing, the plot was realistic and the conflicts and situations Tatum finds herself in are so relatable. I also think that this book is so special, because any age bracket can read this book and love it.
Tatum is a 16 year old girl that finds herself in an extremely unfortunate situation all in the name of protecting her best friend. Her best friend Ashlyn is shipped off to a boarding school while Tatum is under house arrest by her less than friendly step mother and step sister.
With a hearty fine to pay, so much free time and encouragement from a friend that she designed a logo for Tatum decides to open a secret freelance graphic design business, where she spoons learns that there is more to her family members than she realises.
During the summer she receives a couple of jobs through her new business, including a boy named ‘SK’. Their back and forth emails become more flirtatious as it goes on, and it turns out Tatum may already have met him without connecting the dots.
This book is super fun, light hearted and an overall uplifting read. It’s definitely like a modern day Cinderella story. The character’s were brilliant and the novel was quick and easy to read but packed full of content.
Christina June is a new author to me, but ill definitely be keeping a close eye out for her other work.